Mobile Platform Products

While we specialize in custom mobile applications, we also have a ready-made platforms to build your next app on. Take a look below to see. All are customizable, but allow us to keep the price low and development time short.


Have a magazine, comic book, or other publication you'd like to see on a tablet? Select, download and purchase new issues right on your device and view them while flipping through their pages with our beautiful page flip animations, just like reading a real publication, only better.


This content-rich platform is backed by a web-based management system that you control. Updates in the content management system show up in the mobile app. No need to redeploy an app update. This platform supports calendars, contacts directory, files such as PDFs, images and music, maps, and other multimedia content. This even works offline as well.


Have a ton of info you want displayed in an app with super fast searching, sorting, filtering, classifying and other features normally reserved for enterprise database systems, but on your phone or tablet? This platform will solve all those needs.

Sports Fantasy

Have a local team you want an app for? Show your support with this sports app designed for your favorite local team.