Update for Boise's Most Wanted - Mobile App for iPhone

Since the Boise's Most Wanted app was a quick project that was initially developed in 4 hours as a proof of concept, we wanted to measure people's reactions to it and the feedback has been positive for us. Thus, we've decided to put in some more time to really polish up the app. Our philosophy at Z Studio Labs is to "Release early. Release often." This allows us to get the product in the hands of the people and see where they take it. We've gotten a lot of great feedback that we hope we have the time to implement.

In this version, we've sped up the time at which the fugitive photos are loaded. Now you don't have to wait until all the images are loaded to begin viewing the fugitives. This was done with a concept called threading, which allows us to perform multiple tasks at the same time. The fugitive data loads in one thread and the loading of the image loads in another. The tradeoff with this approach is that initially, you'll only see blank images where the mug shots go, until the image is fully loaded. Instead of a blank image, we can put an image that shows that the image is loading.

Next, we modified the text encoding that the app was using to display the Incident Reports. When we first developed the app, the input was working fine. Then we discovered something changed and strange "A" characters were showing up in certain places. This is a dead give-away that the text encoding was off. So now, we're re-encoding the text in a different format and it's looking very nice, if we do say so ourselves.

Finally, we added common phone numbers within the app for easy dialing. If you have an iPhone, this will dial the number for you. If you have an iPad or iPod Touch, a simple message displays telling you your device is not supported. Improvements that can be made is not to show a button at all on the iPad or iPod but instead just a set of text.

Let us know what you think of Boise's Most Wanted! We can't wait to see where it will go from here.

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