Getting Started with iOS Development

Getting Started

A lot of people here in Boise have asked us how they too can get started in developing their own mobile application development. Of course the obvioius answer is to hire us, but we also teach classes to other organizations. We've been doing it for years and have some great success stories to show for it.

What if you're someone who prefers to learn on your own? Well, we decided to compile a list of resources in order to start up your mobile developing engine.

Learn Objective-C

iOS development is a fun technology to work with. The biggest hurdle I've seen with teaching new developers is Objective-C, the language of iOS. They find if foreign and too different from what they're use to. However, if you are familiar with C or C++ and even Java, you can learn Objective-C in a day.

The Objective-C documentation from Apple is one of the best ways to learn Objective-C. If you're not familiar with it at all, start there.

If you're an experienced programmer and already know a bunch of languages, or know a little Objective-C already, here's a great no-fluff Objective-C cheat sheet.

Get Familiar with iOS

If you're new to the iOS platform begin with the Getting Started section of the documentation. This will cover all the basics and give you a great foundation to start developing your apps. You can read up on everything from your first Hello World application to a starting point for user experience.

Dive into iOS Technologies

Once you've learned Objective-C, you'll want to start exploring the iOS technologies you have at your disposal. Start with the iOS technologies overview page and pick out the topics that interest you the most and start reading. You can read all about the differences in iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and what capabilities each device has or doesn't have to help best decide which device to develop for.

Pick Up a book on iOS

You may want to pick up a book on iOS development. My all-time favorite book is iOS Programming by Aaron Hillegass. Books become outdated very quickly, especially in mobile development, but this series is the best in the industry and it'll create the foundation needed to begin your iOS development career. Besides, you can always get the eBook version, which is cheaper and won't sit and collect dust after you've dived knee deep into Apple's iOS API documentation.

Schedule a Private Code Kitchen

If you or your company is interested in scheduling a private iOS Code Kitchen with us to learn how to develop apps in iOS, contact us and let us know your ambitions in iOS!



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